Avant's Automotive Repair Shop, Inc.
-specializes in:

Auto Air Conditioning

Battery Service
  • Call us when your battery is dead so we can resolve the problem quickly.
  • You should have your brake pads checked periodically for wear to avoid more expensive repairs.
Check Engine Light
  • When this indicator lights up, it's telling you that the vehicle has a potentially serious problem.

Extended Warranty
  • When you have an extended warranty we are qualified to work on your car and correct the problem.
Oil Change
  • Most vehicles need their oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on how they are driven.
Factory Maintenance
  • Avant's Scheduled Maintenance Program meets and exceeds recommended factory services and will keep your car's warranty validated at 20% to 30% savings over factory dealer cost!
  • Tires can take a beating on Florida roads. Between the heat and rough roadway material, tire tread can wear down rather quickly. In addition, you can get irregular wear on tires when the vehicle isn't aligned properly.

    Oil, Lube, Filter Engine Service and Repair
    Electrical systems Smog/Emissions
    Exhaust/System A/C
    Tune-Ups Suspension
    Radiator Brakes
    Transmission Body
    Tire Inspection Wheel Alignment